SheetCam TNG

SheetCam TNG 6.0

Designs and modifies patterns for metal cutting
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Create and manage CAM models for metal, plastic or thin sheets. Integrate the custom designs into the cutting machine control software and apply the code for contouring operations such as routing, drilling, and routing. The manager compares and displays the generated matched sheets.

SheetCam TNG is a software program to realize drawings and several other patterns that can be converted into nice and unique objects by a cutting device.
To complete the installation, customers need to follow a few standard steps that are probably known by any typical user. The moment you're done, you are welcomed by a standard interface comprised of a menu tab, side sections for toolbars and edit tools, and a content creation area. The interface looks unfinished mostly because of its poorly polished toolbars and buttons icons. Also, the response of the buttons to user actions is a bit heavy.

Its features consist of effects and tools that allow users to put their imagination to work in order to create unique designs. For machines that have Mach3, you can program pierce height and cut height directly. Next, with tool definition, users are able to define important cutting parameters. Kerf width lets you draw the size you want and then the software will work out where to run the torch. More, instead of plunging straight in, SheetCam reduces the amount of material blown back into the torch.

To sum it up, SheetCam TNG is a reliable software program for users who want to design patterns and cut them later with a specialized machine. It does require a cost to enjoy its full features and the interface may lack a few things, but it gets the job done.

John Saunders
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  • Lets users kerf width
  • Cuts height directly
  • Lets users define parameters


  • Has poorly polished toolbars
  • Buttons response is not great
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